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Wow oh wow did I get something cool in the mail today!

I just received a TON of stuff I ordered from the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) and when I say a ton, it was a big box delivered by Fed-Ex. I received all of the DVDs, CD-ROMs, posters, kits; everything I asked for. If you’re wanting to teach about the effects of drugs on the body, you need to visit https://backtoschool.iqsolutions.com/BacktoschoolOrder/orderform1.asp and order the free materials.

This is one of the best freebies EVAH! YAY!


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Free resource from Cartoon Network

From the site:
Animate Your World (AYW) is a fun, innovative and unique website that’s designed to help educators (both in and out of classrooms) promote the value of storytelling.

It’s an interactive experience that’s a blast for kids to use! But it’s also a powerful tool, giving students everything they need to learn about animation and then create their very own animated stories.

This one has been around for quite some time, but it’s a fun one nonetheless and free makes it even better. CN used to send out CD-ROMs, but the program is available for download at http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/gen/ayw/

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Sorry I’ve been bad and not posting…Things have been hectic :) but on the upside, I do have a cool freebie to share

CurrClick is an inexpensive curriculum resource that also provides a TON of awesome freebies. In honor of mother’s day, May 6-14, they are offering FOUR freebies a day!

You do need to register, but you don’t have to provide a credit card unless you actually buy something. Visit www.currclick.com

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Download a free PC game everyday

You read it correctly.  You can download a free pc game everyday.  Register at www.gamehouse.com and www.bigfishgames.com to start getting your free games.  Register at both sites and get TWO free games a day.

It was brought to my attention that I made a mistake  about bigfishgames.com  You can play the game for 1 hour, but with gamehouse.com, you can actually download the full version of the game and play it as an unlimited trial.


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Awesome freebie I had to pass along

Download a free copy of “Journey into Amazing Caves” documentary in celebration of Earth Day at http://www.blockbuster.com/browse…ils/189730
Filmmaker Steve Judson, who received an Academy award nomination for his documentary Dolphins, explores another variety of inner space in this film, shot in the high-definition IMAX process. Dr. Hazel Barton and Nancy Aulenbach are scientists brought together by their interest in caves — Aulenbach researches the life cycles of plants and animals that thrive in caves, while Barton believes study of the ecosystems of caves might provide valuable information on treating diseases in humans. Barton and Aulenbach are joined by veteran spelunker Janot Lamberton as they explore spectacular cave formations in Arizona, Mexico, and Greenland. Journey Into Amazing Caves is narrated by noted actor Liam Neeson. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
The catches are:
1.  You must be registered with blockbuster.com
2.  This offer expires 4/27/09.
3.  It’s for PCs only
4.  The file size is 586.55MB
5.  You can only view it for 24 hours (I think)

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Free Homeschool Resource – Izzit.org Video Club

Receive a free educational video every year you teach.  Homeschoolers are specifically INCLUDED in their free video program.  The only requirement to continue receiving the video each year is to provide feedback.  You can sign up at http://www.izzit.org/videoclub/join.php

I actually received “The Lesson of 1623: Yours and Mine” DVD via ups today.

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Free educational materials

From the site:

Farmers has joined with The Association for the Study of African American Life and History to create a documentary film, Freedom’s Song: 100 Years of African-American Struggle and Triumph, that highlights significant milestones in the history of the African-American experience during the past century.  It includes living testimonials designed to put a personal face on the actual historical events featured in the film.

The Freedom’s Song package is free to educators and includes a DVD copy of the film, engaging and thought-provoking lesson plans and an interactive web site that will be continually updated with audio and video content.

You can order the materials directly by visiting www.freedomssong.net

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