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Today’s field trip destination: Rick Evans Grandview Prairie

Background Information:

Rick Evans Grandview Prairie is 4,885 acres of Blackland Prairie.  It is comprised of open prairie, woodlands, savanna, and non-native grasslands. The diversity of habitat types accounts for the subsequent variety of animals such as songbirds, deer, butterflies, small mammals and reptiles year-round.  Native Americans inhabited this area long before it was called “Grandview.” Documented findings support the existence of the Caddo tribe on the site.  The property was later called the Grandview Plantation and had a reputation for producing valuable crops and livestock.  In more recent times, the area was managed as a cattle farm and private hunting and fishing business. Currently, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission owns Grandview Prairie and is operating a Conservation Education Center and Wildlife Management Area on the grounds.

You can read more about this conservation project by visiting http://www.agfc.com/education-class/agfc-edu-nature-centers/education-centers/grandview.aspx

Here are a few pictures we took today:




wildflowers_1_resizedwildflowers_2_resized1wildflowers_3_resizedFinally got my butterfly shotbutterfly_resized yay!

Some landscape photoslandscape-view-1_resized

landscape-view-2_resizedlandscape-view_3These are informational plaques that are posted around the areawaterworld-poster_resized

living-prairie-poster_resizedhands-of-the-land-poster_resizedfire-on-the-prairie-poster_resizedancient-oceans-poster_resizedFrom what I remember from my older son’s 5th grade field trip, they have found ancient ocean animal fossils on the prairie site.  How cool is that?

I would like to thank you for stopping by and checking out our field trips. I hope you’re enjoying following our homeschooling journey.  Be sure to visit our blog again soon.  Never know what you might see 😉

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Went out looking for bugs today and got pictures of everything that couldn’t move fast enough

First up we have our lovely fireants.  If you look closely, you can see the soldier ants.fire-ants_resized

Next we have a pretty, green dragonflydragonfly-2_resized

Of course we found a catepillar yay!catepillar_resized


I bet I’m one of few people who thinks slugs are cute critters 😛slug_resized

We saw some Monarch butterflies but no luck catching one to take a picture.  There were also a number of beautifully colored other butterflies as well.  We also saw crickets, centipedes, spiders, moths, grasshoppers, armadillo/potato/rolliepollie bugs (that my son kept dropping before I could snap a pic), other dragonflies, waterbugs, gnats, flies, honeybees, wasps, bumblebees and a host of other critters that wouldn’t pose for us.  All in all, we had a great time looking.  The real things beat the heck out of a textbook anyday.  

It’s one of those days that make me so grateful to be homeschooling.

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Scenes from our nature walk yesterday

This is the view from my computer desk on an overcast day.View from my computer desk

Flowers in my yardFlowers In My Yard

This is the old Pin Oak tree at the front of our dirt road that leads to the back of our property.  My Botany professor estimated that it is more than 400 years old.Old Pin Oak Tree

 I took this one to give a better idea of just how large this tree is.  old-pin-oak-tree_2_resized

 Pictures of wildflowers we encountered on our walk…Yes I know I should know the names…Being a biology major, I should know the scientific name as well…Maybe next time 😛wildflowers_resized

wildflowers_2_resizedNo fourleaf clover 😦no-four-leaf-clover_resized

Not-so-wild flowers.  These were growing in the edge of the hay meadow.  I wonder how they got there?not-wildflowers_4_resized

Two words: Blackberry Cobblerblackberries_resized… Well not right now, but give it a few weeks 😉

Who doesn’t love ladybugs?lady-bug_resized

Bullfrog carcass… gross but way cool!bullfrog-carcass-top_resized

Bullfrog carcass take 2bullfrog-carcass-bottom_resized (you better believe I used a stick to flip that sucker ewww)

This view is so much prettier in personopen-space_resized

My kids running through an open field.  I posted this one just because…running-through-the-field_resized


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