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Product review – SpellQuizzer

SpellQuizzer is a spelling program for helping students learn their spelling words.  One of the many upsides to this program is that it wasn’t designed to be used with any one spelling curriculum.  You can use it with virtually any spelling curriculum out there because you can create your own customized spelling lists.  You can also download pre-made spelling lists for SpellQuizzer from their website which include pre-made sound recordings and it gives you the option of creating your own sound recordings for your customized lists.  SpellQuizzer also helps students expand their vocabulary because they are hearing the words used in their proper context.

Some of the other functions include: a built-in spellchecker that recognizes both US and UK English spellings, the ability to import and export spelling lists with other SpellQuizzer users (with the sound recordings included), and you don’t need a fancy microphone because even the inexpensive ones work just fine with this program.

SpellQuizzer is a fun way for students to learn their spelling words without the traditional monotony that is usually involved in learning spelling words.  It also makes it easier on the parents because we don’t have to listen to the typical moaning and groaning when it comes time to do spelling work.  What kid doesn’t enjoy using a computer?

In my opinion, SpellQuizzer is very versatile and one of the easiest programs to use I’ve found to date.  It is ideal for homeschoolers because of its flexibility and is very affordably priced at only 29.95.  There is also a money-back guarantee as well.  It’s definitely an excellent program for the price.

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